A Reblog: Game over, you lose- by OfPaperAndPen (inspired by Drem)

A poem inspired by me by my good friend, Mr. Paper. I am feeling, once again, blessed to inspire other talented artists.

Of Paper and Pen

I just wrote this under the suggestion of my Drem; a poet I have had the pleasure of meeting this year; because I said on a post of hers ‘That which does does not kill me, makes me stronger. Love is not a toy.”, She and I walk similar paths in life.

We both have autoimmune diseases. We were both in a relationship that were abusive. I will not speak on her behalf as that is not my place.

But I will say this, my ex was emotional and verbally abusive. I was often the butt of her jokes in some way. Because of her from 2011 to 2013. I pushed many people away and I once laughed in the face of a woman who said she liked me because I thought she was joking, because the reality was, I hated myself.  And no, I never meant to make her…

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