Twinkling Quiet Water, photograph by Drem

Title: Twinkling Quiet Water

Photographer: Drem (originally published under her real name).

Subject: Snow that melted over farmland in Ireland

Tools: Brought out the gold in the setting sun. No photoshop

Published: NYC semi annual travel magazine



Another Ireland one!
Once again, it was flooded due to an unprecedented amount of snow.

We were living on nutella and cranberry juice.  Might be yummy. But, I’ll never look at nutella and cranberry juice the same way again. NEVER.

We were going to head out that day. Had the big jeep. Had my camera. Had some Taytos (if you haven’t had a bag of those, you’ve never truly lived). We were going strong. I was going to get what I needed to get shot. And then, no. The roads were too flooded. I snapped this right before we turned back.

19 thoughts on “Twinkling Quiet Water, photograph by Drem

  1. That was a bummer you had to turn around, but you did snap a great photo.
    Glad you stumbled upon one of my crazy post´s. You´re a very talented not only writer but also photographer. I got interested in photography when I started with this wordpress thing, following other photographers, have no clue about techniques of photography ,and not much for the writing either I could add, but photography is another “hobby” I certainly looking to pursue not in the very far future.


    1. Photography is so much fun! And, actually a lot easier to get published career-wise. I always had my poetry, but journalism got me employed and having a camera made it easier to keep employment and have access to other opportunities.
      It may be a hobby but you can make it more! I know NOTHING technical and look how nice this one came out 😛 lol


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