Screens Apart, a poem by Drem

I’m absolutely tired so I’m just posting this. Ignore the grammar and spelling. I will fix it later. I haven’t slept in 24 hours now.


Screens Apart, a poem by Drem

November 16,2013

“I don’t want to like you.

I don’t like who I am

when I think someone

thinks I’m significant.

I don’t want you to like me.

But I can’t help but try

to make you think

I’m something,

worth something.

Makes my chest hurt.

Makes me sad.

Tasting something-

an idea,

an ideal.

I know it won’t last.

It has wings

and will fly away from me.

And then sitting

in my basement

in my pajamas,

I’ll be there

and you won’t.

And everything you said,

I’ll know you never meant

any of it.

So, I cry from now.

I’m not like her,

I don’t enjoy the ride.

You just woke me up.

And I didn’t ask you to.

I don’t look for these strings

that play with my feelings.

It’s like men like you

just arrive.


to sweet talk

away my fears

of loneliness

and darkness.

You turn into

my night light

and keep my company

as my mind dances

through the foolish possibilities

of some life with you

where I’m happy

and where you kiss me

and every day tell me

I’m beautiful.

You see, you’re not really real.

But I am.

I’ll still be here

in my body

when you leave me

or when I

leave you.

28 thoughts on “Screens Apart, a poem by Drem

  1. This is beautiful but you’re wrong. You are worth something significant because you are significant. You might not be able to see it but you are an amazing woman despite everything you deal with day in and day out because of everything you do and are able to do. Never thing less of yourself because I cannot think less of you nor can your friends think less of you.

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      1. I say that because you are significant. Even without the picture, I would still say this over and over again.


      2. And The reason why is because I do see you are strong even when you don’t see it yourself. And that is the truth.


    1. And I just want to say, I think this is one damn good poem. So was the last one I posted. I’m surprised it didn’t get more views. I think I posted at the wrong time. I usually do it an hour+ later.
      However, perhaps because I’ve lived this, and I remember where I wrote it, and how I wrote it, and who I what situation I was in, I’ve grown attached to something.

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  2. I wonder why some people drift into our lives, sweet talk us, and then suddenly drift out again. It’s not something I’ve ever gotten used to, and it makes me wary of anybody I meet. And when the heart is being laid on the line… well, that’s just another level of hell right there.


    1. I took a brief break of dating the past 2 months. Couldn’t take the bullshit. You should apply to be a featured writer on my site! Link is up top.
      And, if one of my works inspires you, you are more than welcome to reblog ❤

      Also, my cat is complaining again.

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    2. You can me both. Some people just are like that. What hurts is when you are willing to give them everything and anything only for them to be like “Yeah, whatever.” That a special kind of hell.

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      1. I moved past my demon. It took three years to get over six months but it doesn’t take much to destroy someone, like she did me. She was emotionally abusive and I was basically her walking dildo to experiment with. I was so stupid then.

        But, I have given to the higher power and forgave her (As it helped me move past it) but I will not forget her cruelty. many of my more emotional and personal poems were of her make. (I think I should post some now. )

        As strange as this sounds Tony, I’m a believer that God puts some people in front of us to teach us something. And because of her, I do not judge. I do not make fun of others for problems they have. And I know how to treat people.

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      2. Then it wasn’t ALL in vain, thank goodness. And this must give you at least some small amount of peace about everything that happened, not that it lessens the trauma of what you did go through in any way of course. It does feel nice to have moved on though, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you but it never feels like it’ll ever happen while you’re going through it, and then one day… you find yourself at the other end of it all, and wonder how you got there. You’re relieved. Truly, the relief is incredible. 🙂


      3. Yes, it is. I cannot stay that it does not pop up in my head every now and again but that demon is stomped out. I refuse to let the light die again.

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      4. I will tell you though, in part three of my Skin poem Reptilian, I do mention a bit of it. No much but the world is off one’s shoulders. I would talk more on the subject as it does not bother me anymore but I would hate to spam Drem’s comment section with all of this.

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