Self-Absorbed Coffee Date, a poem by Drem

I can’t quite think of a good name for this poem. It was called “Young Adult” because it’s what I learned when I became a young adult. I never dated in high school. I’m learning everything about the dating world now. I’m trying to catch up. I hate dating. I hate dates. The whole thing is very confusing.

Self-Absorbed Coffee Date, a poem by Drem

December 2013

“If all you did

up front

was tell me

that my heart struck dreams

that poured in

when my eyes

fell deep into yours,

if you told me

at that moment

that all those thoughts of mine

were nonsense



that my life isn’t like the movies-

I get that.

It’s over.

And it could have saved me some time.

I’ll stop.

Rivers aren’t wide


Not that I’m going to cry.

I’m a girl

with a big heart

and wide eyes.

Porcelain skin

with self-induced scars.

I’ve fought before

and I’ll fight again.

My hopes and dreams of happiness

don’t need to include

some middle aged



coffee date.

I’m quite capable of drinking

my caffeine alone.

No, no thank you,

keep moving.

I got my check.

Keep moving.

I don’t care

about you uncle’s,

who I’m never met,

prostate… anymore.

Or, your 2nd cousin’s

pina colada themed birthday… anymore

Super awesome that you’re still employed,


But get up and keep moving.

Don’t trick me and play with

my heart strings.

You don’t give a fuck

about my life,

my family

or my feelings.

You’re not going to suddenly start

after you “break it” to me

that your ugly heart

isn’t interested in mine.

It’s fine.

Cut the pleasantries.

Unfriend me and stop calling me.

I already put you away

in a small box

under old shit

somewhere in my memory.”

13 thoughts on “Self-Absorbed Coffee Date, a poem by Drem

  1. This one is well written as usual. I think the lines that stand out the most are the line that make up the third stanza. This is really good and gets me thinking about what it is to be of dating age and even makes me wonder about my own past experiences myself.
    I don’t know how you do it but you do.


      1. Well thank you! I just don’t even know how to go about it.
        I know a friend’s dad self-published but it costs money.
        I don’t know how to find a publishing house to submit my work to.
        I should probably buy a How-To Guide 😛


      2. Maybe start with something like a chapbook. Make it yourself. Dye the pages with coffee stain and other homemade spice colors. Print your poems and rip the edges, paste. Add glitter and beads. Very beautiful individual gifts too. Jx


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