Greenday @ Madison, photography by Drem w/ Backstory


Title: Greenday @ Madison

Photographer: Drem (originally published under her real name).

Subject: The band Greenday at Madison Square Garden when Drem was… hmmm… I’m trying to remember the year. Around 2007? It was when American Idiot was still big.

Tools: Adjusted some contrast. No photoshop

Published: NY daily borough newspaper/music section/ concert review



This was my last gig for the newspaper I worked for I. I think it was my last gig. It was at Madison Square Garden. My mom was my +1. She was always my +1 because I didn’t and I still don’t drive. She was really proud watching me in the photographer’s pit. She said I was the only girl in there, next to, like, old men actually taking pictures (some were standing there for a good view). I wasn’t paying attention to who was around me. I just needed to get the shots.

I was also really young. I’ve lived an interesting life I suppose. When teenagers were getting high and having sex, I was taking photos with a press pass at some of the most prestigious venues of the most popular bands at the time. And, I was getting paid. And, the tickets were free.

Anyway, show was great. I don’t like Greenday’s music. However, they put on one hell of a live show. The group are in my top 3 list of live artists. This was my third or fourth time at one of their shows. I went to A LOT of shows.

5 thoughts on “Greenday @ Madison, photography by Drem w/ Backstory

  1. He is a handsome man, I will give you that! Yeah my mom LOVES them. We went to a bunch of their shows. The first time was in New Jersey in this place called Atlantic City. It’s like the Las Vegas of the east coast in the USA. Anyway, I went to see My Chemical Romance (favorite band. I had black and purple hair for the occasion! I was a pretty young teenager. I don’t think I was in high school yet. I might have been… freshman year ). Then, Greenday went on. They were truly breathtaking! What a performance! Just wow.


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