The Little Island, photography by Drem taken in Ireland


Like I said before, I’m not just a poet and blogger whose focus is on topics including chronic pain and depression! In real life, I kept my living being a photographer of both live music and nature.


Title: The Little Island

Photographer: Drem (originally published under her real name).

Subject: Man-made lake in Ireland

Tools: Adjusted some contrast. Tinted. No photoshop.

Published: Travel magazine I worked for.



This is my second photograph I’m posting that I took in Ireland. I remember it was a brisk day. I was inside a manor, being sheltered by the cold. Right before dinner I looked out the window and noticed how the sun was reflecting so beautifully on the water. The clouds were gorgeous. The light was perfect. I ran out with my camera and took this.

I call this The Little Island because the manor owner is originally from Staten Island, New York. She calls the little lake Little Staten Island (-: I thought that was very sweet.


13 thoughts on “The Little Island, photography by Drem taken in Ireland

      1. Would it be possible to use some of your images, and link them to specific poems that seem appropriate? Linking them back to you? I am editor of Head Lines NZ which promotes mental health poetry in New Zealand…dome times people don’t send in images for their poems…or with references to the artist or photographer. It’s a nightmare trying to find them…just a thought. Jx


  1. Yes! I will. How do I add the watermark link to your photography? I know how to link it back to you but can you please send me that link too, just in case. I’m working from my Android and, well, it sux. Jx


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