Reptilian Part 1, reblog of poem by OfPaperAndPen

Written by my dear friend, Mr. Paper, who also suffer with chronic pain. We have walked a similar path in life.

Of Paper and Pen


Written on 4/14/2015

I write this because I heard of something called a skin poem and I have psoriasis. This was written because I wanted to express what having this  illness that has no cure is like. This is part one because it is a long poem so please enjoy.

The skin feels smooth,
wet, and it is red. It is soft
and new.
With age it becomes lighter and no longer red. And it is still smooth and soft.
And for a while it stays this way.
It turned red again—in some spots. Still smooth but spots of red.
And now sliver snowflakes form
And now the skin cracks. Turns red and cracks
and silver flakes form.
It is itchy and it only stops after
it begins to bleed.

That is when it burns.
Nothing really helps.
This skin is no longer smooth but is it bumpy and dry…

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