Colors of Drugs, a poem by Drem

This poem… honestly, I’m reading things that I wrote that I don’t want to read. I’m becoming very self-conscious. I feel like I’m over-exposed. I’m questioning my quality as a writer. I’m questioning my point of having this site up. I don’t like the time period this work is from. Bringing back memories. I don’t want you to know my memories.

Colors of Drugs, a poem by Drem

November 25,2014

“Side effects-



I would like

if at 5AM

when it ticks

I’m taken.

When it comes


each time

my pills

don’t make a sound

as I swallow

as many as I could

that can fit in my mouth.

But they don’t make me better.

No, they don’t make me numb

or sleep,

cease the pain in my body.

I’m still me

the next morning.

He doesn’t know me,

the real me,

what I need

to take away

the pressure

that’s on top of me.

I’m buried under layers and layers

of fallen leaves

that are turning

as we speak

into pretty colors.

It’s August.

They start around Halloween

making a kaleidoscope

I look up at…

gold, auburn, and green.

I’m buried underneath.

I can’t breathe.

And he can’t see how pretty it is

even in my suffering.”

8 thoughts on “Colors of Drugs, a poem by Drem

  1. That ending is, for the lack of the better word, strange as compared to your other work. In a way it seems like this person that you refer to is sadistic and blind to something that would normally Gove that person joy.

    Regardless, I think it’s power overall is from the moving of time in the poem itself. It’s eases the reader into it and is not forced.

    PAPER and PEN.


  2. Drem, in the short time I have known you (a nanosecond), and what I have read, and shared privately between us, you are most definitely an exceptional writer! The way you reached out to me, a total stranger, restored something in me… Your blog is a ‘Living Breathing Real Extension of your Self’, that ebbs and flows, grows and regressess, but always moves forward. Reaffirm your growth as you look back and reflect. My poetry website is exactly the same thing but solely as a poet. If you look at some of my older stuff, you will know I would also cringe lol BUT I blog ‘live’ and edit often. If I go back and see something in ‘need of repair’, I try to reshape it. Sometimes I balls it up completely and think I should have left it as it was…raw. I make the calls at any given time. I’ve even edited poetry that has been formally published in print lol. They will get over it, and this too shall pass. Much respect, Jx


    1. Jodine,
      You are a beautiful inside and out. I am glad people such as yourself read my work. Your soul inspires me. Your writing inspires me. Thank you so, so much for writing kind words. I feel reassured. I will try to get through this period. By the strength of God!


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  3. Yes, you are exposed, but that’s part of the writer’s job description I think. Well, that’s just my opinion of course but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to learn from the people I read. I want to walk even just a short way in their shoes. I want to see the world with their eyes. Feel as they feel. All that good (and soul dismantling) stuff. And you do that. Don’t stop!

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