Wolf Under The Mask, a poem by Drem

My introduction is heavily influenced by the song, You Know What They Do To Guys Like You In Prison, by My Chemical Romance.

That’s about it. Oh, and when I say it for some reason I say it in an American southern accent. So if you can, try that too 😛

Wolf Under The Mask, a poem by Drem

March 22, 2015

“You know what they do

to guys like you

in prison?

They take you

and break

that mask on your face

that covers your eyes,

your mother’s disgrace.

They make, make, make you the man

who you really are.

You ain’t a man

or some shootin’ star-

like some bullet

goin’ off

in a shopping mall.

You pulled it,

the trigger.

But the point is, I’m saying

they’ll make you

in to

what you really are

underneath that mask and the stars.

You’re a wolf.

Not a man.

You’re a disgrace

to your mother’s hands.

You wear a mask,

that thing on your head,

covering everything,

even your hair

and your ears

and your eyes.

But at night,

I know,

you hear it


You store it under

your bed

to attempt

to suppress

the urge

to come out again.

You’re a wolf,

not a man.

And they’ll make you

that wolf

be that wolf

all the time.

You ain’t got nothing to fear though…

you already bad.”

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