What makes poetry “good” or “bad”? WHY DO YOU WRITE?

People on Reddit (just Google Reddit photography. Too fucking tired. WTF is Reddit? All I know is they use Python. Why the fuck would they use Python? I hate Python. I know Python. I minored in Comp Sci.) were acting all artsy saying one must read a lot of poetry and read a lot in general to write excellent work. Someone also said to write a lot of poetry. Someone said their are some with raw talent but that must be further cultivated.


Well I’m gonna break some news about me. This is just me. My xp.

I’ve been published around thirty times. I’ve been awarded a Gold Key and 2 Silver Keys for my work in poetry. My poetry has been published in numerous anthologies, magazines, and other things my mind can’t remember because I took my meds. I won other awards but need to check my CV and I don’t feel like it.Most of my work is shit. Most of my work I even post here is shit (imo, though thanks for the compliments!). But every so often I write great stuff. And that stuff is like whoa. And I get mad props. I’m tired. I’m not going to be so fucking formal. Fuck off.


I rarely read other “poets” and I rarely read in general and I never studied poetry or creative writing or anything along those lines (even though I’ve been an employed journalist for a long while… When I write for work, my writing is very different than this 3:30AM blahblah).

Why? School. School broke me. Going to a top University took all the love of reading from me and now I look at a book and just think about how I have to memorize all the shit inside. It’s work. It’s not a beautiful escape anymore. And, I find if too many voices that aren’t my own speaking inside my head, my own voice is drowned out and suddenly I’m writing through the mindset of another.

What I do, instead, and what I’ve always done, is listen to a wide variety of music. Okay, not that wide. Right now I listen to African tribal music and Halsey. Adele makes me really depressed. I don’t listen to Adele. I’m depressed enough.

I also paint and sew. I make little plush dolls. I suppose I’m just creative. And here I am. I’m going to start saying, “I’m an artist,” to people just to see their reaction. :O

Not saying I’m going to win a Pulitzer. But, tbh, I read some #1 Bestsellers and thought they were pretty shitty. I couldn’t relate. I felt like they were trying too hard. Other books were awesome. It all depends.


Point of Writing


What the fuck is your point? You wanna be a big shot, dontcha? Lols. You wanna connect with people? It’s up to you.

Who is your audience? Your cat? The Interwebs? Your class? Your blog with the 1 viewer who you know is your mom? A NYT Reviewer (btw, they are still going out of business)?

My point, which may very well be a very bad point, is to connect via my work to as many people as possible, no matter their religion, ethnicity, income level, generation, or level of education.

Btw, GG Google Translate for making the world a more inclusive place to share thought!

So, that’s why so much of my work is “simple”. That’s why I get in disagreements with certain professors. And, probably why my blog only has around 1,000 views in 13 days. IF ONLY I STUDIED POETRY!


So, who are you and what’s your fucking point?

So, who are you, why do you write, how do you write, did you study, are you happy, and what color is your underwear?

Tell me everything, darling.

15 thoughts on “What makes poetry “good” or “bad”? WHY DO YOU WRITE?

  1. I enjoy any poetry that speaks to me. I wouldn’t notice the difference between a piece done by a ‘professional’ and a novice though.
    Oh, I am not published, so I can’t really back this up, but I just write because I can. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it sucks even to me! But I keep on writing anyway.
    Am I happy-more oft than not, I act like I am even when I am not
    Underwear…what’s that? 😉

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  2. I write because it helps me express myself abstractly when I can figure things out in my head. I find I write in layers. Most of it is shit. I’ve completed 3 undergraduate papers in creative writing and I learned some techniques and different ways to write but ultimately I didn’t go through with the Masters in creative writing. I write as a distraction, I write when I’m moved (usually depressed), I write about random stuff when I can’t sleep (like now), I’ve even opened random pages of a dictionary and let my finger point to words with my eyes closed, make a list then wrote some thing about what my unconscious has picked out for me. I write to avoid what’s going on outside my solitude. I don’t like being distracted by outside influences when I’m in the throws of writing. I’m learning to write flash fiction. I read historical researched novels by Phillipa Gregory and Ken Follett. I love medieval times, the clothing, the way things were so absurd. I’m naked, no underwear on, in bed St 11.50pm, Friday 4th December. We have a time difference here. I might write something about bees and tea leaves one day. I’m going through some trauma right now so I am all over the show, but this too shall pass. I’m 47, 48 in January. I lived a very full on life and played various roles within it. I haven’t yet found those different voices. My roller derby name was ‘Flash in the Panties’, in a past life, lol. I’m really fucked right about now. What color are your knickers?

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  3. “So, who are you, why do you write, how do you write, did you study, are you happy, and what color is your underwear?”

    Hm. Lemme see… I am me (pleased to meetcha!), I write because I suck at everything else (except drawing… I’m also good at drawing), I write with a pen into whatever notebook I can find, no I didn’t study writing and probably never will, can’t say that I’m always happy (in fact, quite the opposite with that cursed Black Dog always hanging around peeing on my self worth), and my underwear is an unremarkable grey (the same colour as most of my thoughts). 😛

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    1. I appreciate your honesty. Fuck reddit. You are one of the most popular bloggers with Unbolt. So, fuck them. Fuck the man. Let us lead our own paths! And write what we want and get high traffic cause we good!

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    I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great job, have a nice afternoon!


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