Thoughts From a Dying Young Person, a poem by Drem

I wrote this when I was writing my Living Will. Kind of a depressing time. But, I’ve completely come to terms with death. I’m okay with it. I’m prepared for it. Whatever comes, so be it.

Thoughts From a Dying Young Person, a poem by Drem

March 17,2015

“Don’t hang my body

from a tree

dangling there

for all to see.

Put it in a box above

the dirt and slime

worms and bugs,

just like New Orleans.

Let me live

my death out in

a house I can

call my home.

I know it’s expensive

but i’ll let you visit.

If it’s any consolation,

you can even paint it.

Just let me finally

be able

to feel like

a grown up.”

9 thoughts on “Thoughts From a Dying Young Person, a poem by Drem

    1. In New Orleans, which you might not know which is why I’m telling you, you are buried above ground in little houses because the area is prone to flooding. That’s what I want. There is a name for it but I skipped most of my meds and I haven’t slept and I’m all jittery and not feeling clear.

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      1. Yes. So what I’m saying in the poem is, because I’m too young to have my own house (and too poor and sick to afford it anyway) I want my own home in death. They look like little houses. They have doors. And the casket is inside. And you can go inside and leave flowers or leave/plant the flowers outside. And then when others in the family die their caskets go into the house.


    1. wrote it to my mom before i went for my first round of chemo. life fucking sucks but the suckier it is the more work i’m able to produce.


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