Guit-arr, Photography by Drem w/ Background Story

I’m not just a poet! I’m a professional journalist and photographer. I want to share some of my photos with you.

Title: Guit-Arr

Photographer: Drem (originally published under her real name).

Subject: A guitarist of the band Rooney, circa late 2000s in NYC. Taken with press pass but there was no photographer pit (gate).

Tools: Adjusted some contrast. That’s it. No photoshop.

Published: In Some NYC Semi-Annual Art Mag years later.


This is one of my most favorite photos. It looks, to me, like some abstract painting. It was test shot. The light was really poor so trying to get something for the paper I was working for was impossible. They wanted a regular on-stage live photo. Didn’t happen.

I remember that Rooney was late and missed my interview because the plane had some problems. I said eff it. I’m not doing a phoner. I didn’t even like the group. They were my best friend’s favorite! I did the same with Hawthorne Heights. That was another one of her favorite bands. I didn’t care about taking their photos or the interviews. Just wanted to do something nice for my friend.

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