Trapped in a moment of time, by Of Paper And Pen (Reblog)

This is from a good friend of mine. I call him Mr. Paper. His work is typically very existential, which is quite different from my work. Take a look.

Also, look at his site! I’ve been helping him out with the aesthetic aspect of presenting work. Let me know if you think it looks good (;


Of Paper and Pen

Written on 11/23/2015


This was written from an emotional state. Let’s just say someone brought something up that I’d rather wasn’t spoken about, knowing that this was something not to be brought up. I am not an easily bothered person but this still brings up bad memories for me because it was six months of my life kept secret and the only joke I am bothered by because it was about my body. So this is personal and about me and I don’t like to post to many poems about me.

Also, Dupre is from a video game titled “Ultma” in the game he is awarded the title Paladin for his bravery and will to so what is right even at the cost of himself.

I am reminded of O’Hara in times like this. It’s 1:28 am.
I went a few minutes thinking
of nothing. It’s now 1:33 AM.

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3 thoughts on “Trapped in a moment of time, by Of Paper And Pen (Reblog)

  1. It’s looking pretty good to me. Everything is uncluttered and simply laid out. Nothing distracts the eye from what’s supposed to be the main attraction which is the poetry. Nice work. 🙂

    And that’s a pretty cool effort, Mr. Paper. That can’t have been easy to write coming from such a painful place. I doff my hat to you, sir.

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