Not A Trophy-I’m A Woman, a poem by Drem

This poem was originally called Dinner Dates & Ice-cream. For over six months I was comfortable with that title. Re-reading it now for posting, I realize it’s not the dinner dates & ice-cream I wanted. I mean, I love dinner dates AND ice-cream. Taken together or alone. But, more than anything, I want to be treated with respect.

Also, I’m super tired for some reason so I think this is my last poem for the night. Sorry for any misspellings or grammar issues. I’ll re-read tomorrow when my mind is more clear.

Not A Trophy- I’m A Woman, a poem by Drem

May 17, 2015

“The people I fall for

just want to be friends.

I’ve dyed my hair

and changed my nails

and lost weight

from the chemo, stress,

ulcers, and narcotics.

Aren’t I more beautiful now?

Maybe it’s me.

I’m still not enough.

Not skinny.

Not flawless.

Not irrestable.

All those boys just feel lust.

Not love,


No diner dates

and, afterwards, ice-cream.

It’s summer.

That would be nice…

I wish I didn’t waste

a year and a half or so

of my life.

I’m too old

for this,

to go through this again.

And this flooding loneliness

is making the rejections

that much harder

to deal with.

I don’t want to be friends, or a hookup,

or your fuckin’ “fuckbuddy”.

More importantly,

I don’t want to be used and thrown away,

forgotten about

when I asked to be remembered.

Not another notch on your belt.

I want to be listened to.

I’m a person,

not a thing,

not a trophy,

or a forgotten memory.

I’m a person.

And I’m also a woman

who is worth more

than what you can ever offer.



16 thoughts on “Not A Trophy-I’m A Woman, a poem by Drem

      1. if you ever want to email about poetry and other art forms instead of commenting off-topic things, you can. i get emails often from other artists on here instead of an endless thread of comments. i don’t mind either way! Comments are great! they make me feel popular 😛
        contact is in my About Me.

        I’m going to try to sleep now. It’s 9AM. Not feeling well. In good spirits, but my body isn’t doing too great.
        Have a peaceful day wherever you are.


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  1. this was powerful and up lifting. You stand for yourself here. Good show.
    Some fools don’t see you for who you are and are unwilling to see what you are past the body into the wonderful mind you have.

    Liked by 1 person

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