Tap & Go (Fuckboy), a poem by Drem

My friends keep using the term “fuckboy”. I didn’t know what it was. Don’t feel old. I finally figured it out by reading 15 Tagic Signs You’re Dealing With A Fuckboy.

I was inspired by one of them to write this. I had to heavily edit this poem because I was also kind of angry when I wrote it. I used many more bad words. So, I had to re-write the whole ending because it didn’t feel right. Now it’s a mess.

Tap & Go (Fuckboy), a poem by Drem

July 20th, 2015

“You don’t know me

after it all.

But I know you

after it all



The more I walk

and talk

to other boys

outside in this world

I look and live in,

who I share this world with,

the more I hear the words

that so often

come out of your mouth,

that came out of your mouth

from the start.

And the more eyes I look into

the more I see you

over and over again.

Youthful and hollow

and selfish and shallow.

I see who you truly are.

I see you everywhere now.

Bits of your pathetic get-some-ass



Your charade

comes in all shapes

and forms

but at the core

at the day

when you’re down to fuck,

it’s all you.

And it’s sad

because you have nothing going for you.

You’re actually quite alone.

Twenty-something now will be a 30-something soon

and you’ll still be short and poor and appreciate none

of the girls’ and boys’ hearts you chase after,

and will deny hurting them all.

11 thoughts on “Tap & Go (Fuckboy), a poem by Drem

      1. Okay, that makes sense. It is good to be in a state of peace when writing but anger can be used as well but one must be careful.


      2. Very careful. I think that was my problem. I used his… sex toys as ridicule. And that just isn’t nice! It was funny. But not nice. Gosh, some people are such jerks and bring out the worst in me. The poem ended soo much funnier if you remember the original. But, also offensive to some and I don’t want to be that person.

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  1. One can end up centering oneself too much it one does that each time. Sometimes the best poem is in the raw form but, I do understand where to are coming from and although I think the original is better, ultimately the choice is yours. It is still one of your best.


  2. You have just educated me on what a “fuckboy” is. I’m not sure I want to know now because while I was reading that list I kept thinking, “Jesus, I hope I’m not like that!” And then of course I realised that I wasn’t and what the hell is wrong with me and I really need to get out and get some air for a change. Thankfully I read your poem, and so that restored some much needed equilibrium. Brilliantly worded, I might add.

    I’m very curious as to what the original was like now, but I completely understand why you would make the changes you say you did. It’s something I’ve done when writing various things too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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    1. Tony, once again you bring a smile to my face! Haha, yeah the fuckboy thing… I unfortunately know too many. I also call them ghosts. I had the unfortunate opportunity of serial dating this summer and encountered all too many. I hope you do get out! I haven’t been out in ages. If anything, I message a few people and ask if they want to come to my house for a themed party. lols.

      If there was a way to send a private message I would divulge the secret original 😛

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      1. Ah yes, I remember reading this and thinking just how eerily similar my emotional state has been to the feelings expressed in this poem. As far as I can see it has no issues, but then I’m no expert on poetry. I’m an amateur at best. Having said that, perhaps it was so effective in its emotional rawness that some felt it best not to comment. I don’t know. That’s speculation on my part. It’s just something I’ve suspected when it comes to certain posts I’ve made that I was very proud of but readers seemed to avoid like the plague. It’s very strange and inconsistent as to what will gain traction and what won’t. I liked it though, as there was a naked truthfulness to it that resonated. I merely didn’t comment because I felt there was actually little I could say that would have been meaningful or coherent. Much like this rambling comment I’m making now. 😛

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      2. I appreciate any comment!
        I was so sad that one of my favorites got nowhere.
        I assumed it was just me who was able to connect with it because I was describing my own mind and how I deal with my anxiety/PTSD triggers. It didn’t get many views either. It was a sad day.
        You boosted my self-esteem immensely!
        Why do you say you are an amateur? Who said you are?


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