Thinking & Breathing Part 2, a poem by Drem

Waste of space, carbon, stardust…This is Part 2 of 3 of Thinking & Breathing. This is the second level of the psyche I’m exploring. Please STOP if you haven’t read Thinking & Breathing Part 1.

After you read below, there is Thinking & Breathing Part 3!

Thinking & Breathing (Part 2), a poem by Drem

Written on September 8, 2015

It makes no sense.

But, sometimes people don’t make sense.

And love turns into control,

or it was always about control.

And thinking goes into auto drive

because it’s easier and less painful

than using your mind.

Can you see, dear,

the world around you,

outside your brain?

Can you see

that nobody cares

you’re ugly and worthless and insane?

Can you acknowledge

how small you are

even if you are overweight

compared to the size

of the whole wide world you live in?

You are nothing.

A dot.

You are insignificant.

Your thoughts are pointless

and the air you can’t breathe, you can’t breathe

because you’re choking

on the stress

of being relatively


Mommy always told you

you were a special snowflake.

Jokes on her!

You’re sick.

A small piece of plastic

caught in the riptide



lost in the bed you’re too afraid to leave,

lost in the head attached  to your body.

Can you feel me?

I’m in you,

that voice that makes this pen move.

I’m the maestro.

I’m the Jesus

of your thought process.

But news is in –

I can’t control

your lack of dopamine or serotonin.

Or control the fleeting bad thoughts

that dance across

the stage

in your frontal lobe.

Have fun feeling like a victim

and feeling alone!

You can say a prayer

to whomever you believe in

that has, you think,

more power than me.

But keep in mind

that your past will always be yours to keep.

And keep in mind

your future will leave you in an even worse place

if you wish to continue to face reality.

And the moment now,

let’s not even go there.

Just say a prayer.

Maybe someone will listen to you,

little nothing.

Waste of space, carbon, stardust.

You’re a miracle?

My ass.


For fuck’s sake,

hope is for the hopeful!

Awareness is an attempt to grasp and hold control.

Miracles, on the other hand,

make things pretty and worth dreams,

many, many, dreams, many.

You have no dreams, do you?

No, darling.

Your subconscious is dark, quiet,

and can’t move.


you’re no miracle.


your fragile soul

isn’t worth the air it needs

to continue on

being seen

on this early plain

we call here.”


Finally, here is Thinking & Breathing Part 3.

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