Description of (my) Depression, a poem by Drem

Description of my Depression, a poem by Drem

Written September 9, 2015

“Feet bound


Head faced down.

Mouth pried open.

Locked, open.

No key.

Gums bleed

as teeth grate

against the concrete

as I’m dragged for hours

pieces fall

from me.

A trail of teeth and blood

like candy.

I’ll be able to find my way home

like Hansel and Gretel.

Funny that

I’m not even moving,


I’m in my bed

all along.

Depression makes me hurt so bad

all over

all alone.

My skin hurts

and my soul aches

and I drag on like this

for days and days.

Head face down

in a pillow,

paralyzed from some sadness

I can’t even identify.

It isn’t fair to anyone.

I’m so selfish.

I’m selfish!

But I can’t get up

get the strength

to finish this.

It’s pathetic.

I’m pathetic.

Don’t kiss me.

I’m feeling worthless.

It’s pathetic.

I’m pathetic-

literal, and cliched.

I’m sorry

my description

is not as pretty

as it could be.


And, I’m ugly,

as cliched as this piece of shit

I’m writing.

I’m writing.

This is me.”



4 thoughts on “Description of (my) Depression, a poem by Drem

    1. The video makes it a bit more energetic. but yes depression slows things down. so i have my moments of anger. my moments of hopelessness. my moments of silence.
      ty Nick!



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