How to Pick and Choose What to Post


What to do? Where do I go from here? Can I take a break? Will I lose the interest of those that have shown interest? TELL ME

I will soon be ending my first official week on WordPress. I’ve been closely monitoring my “likes” and emails and comments and FB shares like a cat on catnip eyeing a dancing red laser dot. I want to keep the momentum going. I want to see how far I can go and if investing in Premium is even worth it.

I’ve always been a prolific poet. I’ve always been a prolific journalist. And photographer. So far, I’ve shown a lot of my poetry. Now this upcoming week, should I switch to photography to see how that goes? I don’t know.

I don’t know and I’m feeling really confused.

Tomorrow’s poem is going to be a fairly short simple poem about depression. Simple. It’s actually called, What My Depression Feels Like. Basic, right? But then, there is this MASSIVE three part insane layered of introspection and self-reflection in the mind.

So I can…

  1. Post the short one, and the 3 parter.

2. Post the short one, and 1 part of the 3 parter and do the rest on the         other days.

3. Start including my photography to make it interesting to break it up and give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar.


What do people want? What do I want?

I want to connect with someone. I want someone to contact me and tell me, “Hey, that was interesting.” Or, “Hi, I liked that line a lot.” That makes all the shit I live with worth it… you can read it in my About Drem page. It explains a lot, very vaguely 😛 I like my privacy. But I’m paranoid for a reason! Do you notice I ramble? It’s because I haven’t slept in what feels like forever. I don’t feel well at all. I’m sorry for complaining.


Let me know your thoughts, WordPressers.





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