Make Me, a poem by Drem

I am here to connect with people, so first if you find the following poem interesting, let me know! xoxo


I started writing this poem out of a Facebook post and my friend was like AH IT RHYMES and I was like AH IT DOES. So, here it is. I feel like it’s meant to be a song. If only I could sing… or play an instrument decently. Video is below followed by transcript of poem itself.

Make Me, by Drem

Written October 20th, 2015

“You’re the kind of person

that makes me hate me.

You’re cute and you lie.

You play games with your pretty eyes.

And then I’m awoken and stricken,

enamored for longing

and flushed with blushed cheeks.

And then you

of course


disappear into the wind.

Ghost, there you are.

You hurt the only heart I have!

You’re colorful words,

back and forth,

are even worse.

See, girls like me

never win

with boys like you.

You wake us up,

give us attention,

make us addicted,

when we never asked you to.

But, there I go again

which makes me

hate me

all over again.”

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