The Path of Fate, a poem by Drem

The Path of Fate by me, Drem! I hope you find it interesting and I find a kindred spirit on here. I was extremely over-tired while recording, but I think it still conveys what I want it to say.

The Path of Fate by Drem

Written November 21st, 2015


“I’m as old as the streets and the streets aged me.

Each other compression, pressure,

gunshot embedded bullet footprint.

Another step of a traveler going south for the New Year-

a teenager acting gangster.

I’d go too. It’s too cold. But I’m too old.

I woke up on the corner, like usual,

waiting for someone to say “hello”

on the other end of an invisible telephone

with 1,000 regrets in my heart that aren’t even my own.

It’s all [made of] littering garbage thrown out of a speeding car.

I need to go visit my mother

who lives in a house made of boxes

near the beach.

A change of scenery, and air, a social opportunity.

I live outside, but I don’t get out that much

with, like, people.

They never notice the ground they walk on

and I’m that ground.

I’m as old as the streets, and the streets aged me.

I’m spit, tar, asphalt, cans, and scars– what I’m made of.

I’m the beginning, and I’ll be your ending.

And you’ll never see me coming.”

I did NOT plan on making this my first poem available. It just kind of happened. The video was done correctly (I remembered to say my name and date). It uploaded smoothly. Everything fell into place. And so here it is 🙂


Let me know what you make of it, too.

I don’t like telling people what the poem means to me because it can ruin another individual’s experience. I will say, though, that it came after I had been listening to Adele’s 25 album on repeat for 8-10 hours while I was sleeping. I left my computer on my bedside with the sound high enough to make out the lyrics. I woke up so depressed after that. Never again.

Thank you so much.



2 thoughts on “The Path of Fate, a poem by Drem

  1. Great poem as usual. It is moving and speaks emotionally. Great writing and word usage.
    I think the title fits though. What would you think to call it?


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