Opening My Holiday Lootcrate 2015!


Firsty, I want to apologize for not posting any of my poetry yet.

It’s a kind of personal thing to do. And I only started this blog last night.

In the mean time, I am sharing with you this month’s LOOTCRATE!


Not many useful things, but YAY!

I’m really not happy unless I get a shirt. I always like the shirts…

But, that pin is awesome.




2 thoughts on “Opening My Holiday Lootcrate 2015!

    1. I give it, like, a 4/10. The magnets were cute but we got GOT magnets just a few months ago. And, I don’t like anything Blizzard. The pin quality is great. It will make a great gift to someone if you don’t want it. And, thanks for commenting!


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