Review of InkWorks by Paul Mitchell

My high school years were filled with hair color and cut experimentation. I can confidently say I’ve been every color and shade of the rainbow, and been a rainbow head 😛 Least to say, it caused a lot of damage. Bleaching, coloring, stripping, coloring, stripping, coloring, blending more color, over and over again from age 12 to 18… I’m sure you can imagine. And before that, starting at 10, I was frosting my natural dirty blonde hair. Remember frosting? That was a real term hair professionals used.

Before InkWorks by Paul Mitchell, my least favorite product was Manic Panic. It would bleed and fade into a dull mess. It dulled faster than any other product and was fairly flat.

My favorite was Special Effects. The variety of colors such as Fish Bowl and Cotton Candy held long and when it did bleed and fade, it was a lot more subtle. (Special Effects is no longer in production. You can get it on Amazon. I swear by it!)

Then, I had the unfortunate opportunity to have fun with Paul Michell’s InkWorks as a FTW move as a 20-something with a job behind the scenes which means nobody gives a damn about my hair color.

I did dark blue, teal, aqua, and purple after a brief bleach. Whenever I shower, my bathtub is stained with a color that looks like Windex against the white tile and stains it. I need to use dish soap EVERY 3 HOURS to wipe the blue from my neck, forehead, and ears using a rough hand towel (even though my hair is not wet). My sheets are stained blue. Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue!!!

Did I mention blue? It’s taking over my life!

My poor pajamas! Blue 😦



2 thoughts on “Review of InkWorks by Paul Mitchell

  1. This is a well written review. What kind of color is “Fish Bowl”? That seems like a crazy color.

    Most jobs would care about dyed hair, but being in the museum does have it’s privileges.
    “Remember frosting? That was a real term hair professionals used.” I laughed at that. I am not sure if I was supposed to but I did.

    Great first post.


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